Digital Image Files

You have the choice to keep your photo memories as a digital album, use as a screen saver or print your own images. Images for private use may be purchased and downloaded.

Choice of 2 resolutions

Medium Res       1500 pixel jpg suitable for screen savers, computer photo album and small prints            $14.00

High Res             3000 pixel High resolution jpg image            $20.00

Hi-res images for print are supplied in RGB format so colour profiles can be added at your post-production stage.

Available immediately upon on-line payment.

Final images are not watermarked.


All prices include GST.


Many of these panoramas are also available at full size, sometimes exceeding 10,000 pixels wide. Please email me at tony@imaginationphotography.com.au for specialist pricing.


Secure payments are made using PayPal, either directly from your PayPal account or through a Credit or Debit Card.


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