Is there still a place for photographs in Real Estate marketing?

Of course there is!

Still photographs have a use in newspaper advertising, on websites, signboards and handouts.

But of course, the photographs must do justice to the property. That’s where Imagination Photography comes in. We work with you to capture every aspect of the property, to show all the beauty and benefits for prospective buyers.

Combine still photographs and video to provide the best coverage of any property.



Benefits of Superior Real Estate Photography

Superior quality real estate photographs do not have to cost the earth. However, superior quality photographs are more likely to entice prospective buys who will get them to actually see the property, help get a sale at in a shorter timeframe and get a higher price for the property.

All of that makes the client happier, gives them more money in their pockets, gets the stress of the sale over sooner and makes you the agent or property owner, look better. 

As an agent who gets faster results and more money for the client, you look better too. You have the results to prove it, and that gets more listings.

Is spending $200-$250 on photography worthwhile? Well, just remember, a 1% difference on the sale prices of a $400,000 property is $4000. Isn’t it worth that kind of investment? Even spending an extra $300 on a walk-through video will more than pay for itself.

Would you like to know more?

Do you have a short-term listing property perhaps with Airbnb? Do you want to help get more interest in it?

Photography packages start from $175

Standard basic photography: Daytime photo coverage of 2 bedroom standard unit. Includes appropriate external images and views. At least 10 images**

Standard house/Dual key unit photography: Daytime photo coverage of standard 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom house or a dual key unit. Includes appropriate external images and views and common area facilities of unit complexes. At least 15 images.**  From $200.

Prestige home and Resort unit photography: Daytime photo coverage of larger prestige home or
resort-style unit. Includes external images and views and common area facilities of resorts. At least 20 images.**  From $255.

Elevated photography from my 7.5 metre high tripod are included as standard (where necessary).

Lifestyle and local area photographs can be included in your package.

Additional services are available, including twilight photography


Combined Video and Photography packages start from $350

Standard video tour + photographs package: Fly-through video of standard 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom house (may also include static, slider or panned video components) plus at least 15 photographs**

Prestige video tour + photographs package: Fly-through video of larger prestige house or resort-style units (may also include static, slider or panned video components) plus at least 25 photographs**

Twilight video tour or photographs packages: Additional to all video and photography packages

**More images may be supplied at no extra cost if the property requires it.

Included in all my video work are:

  • Elevated pole photography
  • Musical background to video
  • Add your own voiceover to video


  • An average standard Video and Photography package takes approximately 2 hours to shoot. Photography-only takes less time.
  • Photographs are completed within 48 hours of the shoot. Video production may take longer due to additional voice-overs or production work.
  • Videos are posted to Youtube or Vimeo and can be embedded into
  • Videos are supplied at Full HD 1920/1080p and viewable on computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • All images are colour balanced, enhanced, corrected and supplied in sizes suitable to signage, print and web usage.
  • We can assist you in the design of marketing brochures and flyers.
  • Prices include GST and are subject to change.


Tip – Presentation of the Property: 

Generally, the neater that the property is at the time of the photography, the better it will look.  Anything out of place will show up in the photos

  • De-clutter the house.
  • Turn on all lights and ensure they are working.
  • Ensure that surfaces are clean.
  • Clear the kitchen of appliances, food and cleaning items from the benchtops.
  • Remove personal items from the bathrooms, including bottles from the showers. Hang attractive towels.
  • Ensure beds are neatly made.
  • Make basic repairs.
  • Remove personal items, such as photographs and clothing. Potential buyers prefer not to see that the property is already ‘taken’.
  • Mow the lawn 2–3 days prior to the photoshoot.
  • Weed visible areas.
  • Clean outside paved areas/decks and outside furniture.
  • Do not park vehicles in the driveway or directly in front of the property.
  • Remove or hide rubbish bins.
  • Remove washing.
  • Turn on any pool filters and water features.


If I am shooting a property and I see something jarring, I will move or remove it (i.e. a brightly coloured child’s toy underneath the dining table or an orange basketball in the middle of the lawn). However, it is not my job to stage the property. This needs to be done by the owner or the agent BEFORE I arrive. My time at the property is to photograph it, not clean it.

“Tony has always been great for us. Not only are his photographs of the highest quality, but he is also very flexible with regards to rescheduling for weather or property difficulties.

Overall first class service.”

Nic Morris

Director, Raine & Horne, Palm Cove

Drone Photos and Videos

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Imagination Photography Real Estate Photography – How I shoot my real estate photos

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Queenslander for sale at Aeroglen Qld

Beautiful Queenslander Home for sale at Aeroglen Qld Photography by Imagination Photography Thanks to Trish

Tides On Cascade – My video of a BNB Listing at Palm Cove

This is a link to my YouTube video of a BNB listing in Palm Cove Queensland. If you would like a get a similar video of your property, contact me on 0414 628 342 or Tony Gorell, Imagination Photography.

Luxury Holiday Apartment at Alamanda Resort, Palm Cove

AirBNB listing at Alamanda at Palm Cove Photography by Imagination Photography Thanks to Nicholas Slatyer and Alison Western at Belle Property Cairns for the stunning presentation.  

AirBNB home at Palm Cove

  Brand new AirBNB Home at Vievers Road, Palm Cove Photography by Thanks to David and Renee at the stunning presentation.

Stunning House for Sale at Murphy Street Port Douglas

Stunning House for Sale at Murphy Street Port Douglas Photography by Imagination Photography. Thanks to  Barbara Wolveridge at Sotherby’s Port Douglas for the stunning presentation.

Rental Listing at Macrossan Street Port Douglas

Rental Listing at Macrossan Street Port Douglas Photography by Imagination Photography Thanks to Kylie Carlos at Stay Awhile Port Douglas.

Bed & Breakfast Property for sale at Holloways Beach

Bed and Breakfast Resort For Sale at Holloways Beach Photography by Imagination Photography Thanks to Jamie and Tony.