Drone Photos and Videos

I am now able to offer Drone videos and photography.

This is additional to my normal photography and videography. The drone is a lightweight, state-on-the-art DJI model. It conforms to CASA’s Sub 2 kg drones for business use – excluded category.

Basically, I am allowed to fly the drone throughout outer areas of Cairns away from the airport as long as I conform to these rules. I cannot fly within 5.5 Km of the airport under any circumstances, as the requirement for me are too excessive at this time. This means no flying over Cairns city, North Cairns, Machans Beach, Holloways Beach, most of Yorkeys Knob, Freshwater, Edge Hill, Portsmith, Parramatta Park, etc.  I have a map application which shows these areas. Additionally, my drone will not actually fly within these areas – the restrictions automatically stop it.

I do, however, still have my 8-metre tall tripos that has no restrictions. However, this still leaves many areas that can be covered.

There are other safety condition that must be followed. That being said, drone flying is not possible during rain or moderate to high winds. I have little control over these.







There are other safety condition that must be followed. That being said, drone flying is not possible during rain or moderate to high winds. I have little control over these.

Imagination Photography and COVID-19 – Real Estate Photoshoots

My commitment and precautions.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, and in an attempt to safeguard your health as well as my own, I would ask that property owners and tenants are not present during the photoshoot – as in, keep well away. Not necessarily away from the property, but not in the same room.

Please be assured that I am taking additional precautions during this time which include, but are not limited to the following:
1.    I can confirm that the photographer –  Tony from Imagination Photography – has not:
a.    returned from an overseas trip within the last 14 days.
b.    knowingly had close contact with or cared for someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
c.    knowingly been in close contact with anyone who has travelled within the last 14 days to one of the countries listed on health.gov.au.
d.    experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days (including fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulty breathing).

    2.    I will minimise the touching of any surfaces within the property.  I need to touch my equipment and will need to immunise any transfer between surfaces and my equipment. I will use hand sanitiser where appropriate and clean my equipment between jobs.
3.    I ask that all lights (including bedside lamps and desk lamps be turned on and curtains/blinds open and neat prior to my arrival.
4.    I ask that the owner or tenant not be present in the property during the photography.
5.    I will be practising ‘social distancing’.

CCW Cabinet Works kitchen example at Trinity Park

Kitchen, outside entertainment area and dressing room fitout by CCW Cabinet Works at Trinity Park

Photography by #imaginationphotography

Thanks to Sereida at CCW Cabinet Works and Ben at Property Shop Cairns.



2D Floorplans

I am now offering 2D Floorplans in addition to my photography and videos.

The plan is a schematic of the property, rather than a fully accurate architectural plan. Dimensions will be correctly proportional, but not necessarily shown unless requested.
Rooms will be labelled and set out with some basic furniture, (as per the sample). Colours may be muted to allow a clearer representation of the rooms.
Prices are dependant upon the property size and complexity, and subject to a quote. The floorplan can be done as a stand-alone item, but good discounts apply if Imagination Photography is engaged to take photos and/or video at the same time.
Additional time will be needed to get the information for the plan at the time of the photoshoot.