Are you interested in getting the most interest in your Airbnb or short-term holiday listing?

Are you interested in getting the most interest in your Airbnb or short-term holiday listing?

Professional photography for holiday listing is different to normal real estate sales and rental photography; as it needs to highlight the experience. The photographs should both showcase the space itself, and help set your guests’ expectations before they book.

Photographs are the first thing that prospective guests look at when considering a property, and what will eventually make or break their decision to book your space. Generally speaking, listings with beautiful photos receive more views, more interest and more bookings. So take some time to make them shine. Draw in potential guests, highlight what’s amazing, and set their expectations appropriately.

More than anything else, better photography shows off your property to give you the edge. But those photographs need to show more that just the physical attributes of the property – they need to show the experience of staying there. I can help you achieve the that look.

Do you have a barbecue? Do you have an amazing kitchen? Are the views breathtaking? Do you have a washing machine and drier. Does the local area offer great amenities? Do you have a comfy, light and airy corner to curl up in with a good book? Do you have a coffee machine? Do you have those special little extras that make your property stand out? You need to show them.

What will it cost?

Simply put, the bigger the property, the more photographs are needed, and the higher the cost. A simple one bed unit will cost $150; an average 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house $200; and larger prestige homes and resort units will cost more. I am happy to discuss your needs.

How long will the photography take?

An average home or unit will take between 60 and 90 minutes to photograph. A small bed-sit will be done quicker, while and expansive property, or a resort style complex where there is a need to show the shared facilities will naturally take longer. Likewise, additional coverage of the local facilities also need to be allowed for.

Who owns the images?

You do, and you may use them for other needs associated with the marketing of your property. Airbnb do reserve the right to use the images for their own promotions, but if you contract Imagination Photography to take the photographs, they are yours.

Call or email me for more information.

Tips on presenting the property.

  • Make the place look welcoming.
  • Open any blinds or curtains to allow natural light in.
  • Turn on all lights.
  • Arrange some flowers, put out some magazines, dust surfaces. Be as tidy as you’ve ever been. Let the property be a true reflection of how guests will find it.
  • Organise or put away objects that clutter your space, and remove any valuables you don’t want photographed.
  • Think about how you might want to highlight amenities your guest will enjoy – barbecues, entertainment systems and televisions
  • Make the beds with nice, clean sheets.
  • Tidy up surfaces and bedside tables.
  • Open the shower, clean the bathroom mirror, and close the toilet lid.
  • Fold your guest towels.
  • For properties with gardens, clean it up. Sweep the paths, pickup palm fronds, and mow the grass two days before the photos are taken.

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