Scruffy, the resident Palm Cove osprey

The Palm Cove pier has a resident osprey that is known locally as Scruffy. He/she steals fish from the local fishermen, and is often left treats which he then devours up on one of the light towers. He does tend to make a mess.

Scruffy 20151025-1Scruffy 20151025-5 Scruffy 20151025-4 Scruffy 20151025-3 Scruffy 20151025-2

Machans Beach and Barron River estuary

The Barron River estuary at Machans Beach on a low tide allows you to walk hundreds of metres out across tidal flats. Sunsets can be spectacular.

The first photograph shows Yorkeys Knob at the left, Double Island and Haycock Island (Scout Hat) off Palm Cove and Mount Sorrow at Cape Tribulation in the distant background.

Machans Beach 20150704-11-2 IPB

Machans Beach 20150704-8-2 IPB