The Glass Tree – Photography and Brochure Design

Local Cairns artist Angela Fielding of The Glass Tree wanted professional photographs and a brochure depicting the unique stained glass and wood sculptures that she creates.  Some of these “Glass Trees” are up to 2.5 metres tall.

Imagination Photography took the images and Design Odyssey created the marketing brochure.

Angela can be contacted via her Facebook page The Glass Tree. Some of her work in on display at The Red Chair Gallery at The Pier in Cairns.

Benefits of Superior Real Estate Photography

Superior quality real estate photos do not have to cost the earth. However, superior quality photographs are more likely to entice prospective buys who will get them to actually see the property, help get a sale at in a shorter timeframe and get a higher price for the property.

All of that make the client happier, gives them more money in their pockets, gets the stress of the sale over sooner and makes you, the agent, look better.  As an agent who gets faster results and more money for the client, you look better too. You have the results to prove it and that gets more listings.

Is spending $200-$250 on photography worthwhile? Well, just remember, a 1% difference on the sale prices of a $400,000 property is $4000. Isn’t it worth that kind of investment? Even spending and extra $300 on a walk-through video will more than pay for itself!