Professional Real Estate Videos & Photographs

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Consumers prefer video!

Don’t believe me? Ask them. Walk up to the next person you see at a coffee shop, grocery store etc and say:

“excuse me, given the choice, would you prefer to see 25 pictures of a home you were interested in or short video?”

I bet that the answer is video.

Content is what consumers look for online when they have a need. Video is a medium for content and when it comes to content, if it is not good content, don’t waste your time, no one will see it. There are simply too many other choices out there.

Is there still a place for photographs?

Of course there is.

Still photographs have a use in newspaper advertising, websites, signboards and handouts.

But of course, the photographs must do justice to the property. That’s where Imagination Photography comes in. We work with you to capture every aspect of the property, to show all the beauty and benefits for prospective buyers.

Combine still photographs and video to provide the best coverage of any property

See sample of my Real Estate Photography and Real Estate Videography work here and here