Twilight Real Estate Photos.

Twilight images of real estate properties don’t necessarily have to be taken at sunset. Appropriate lighting and blending with interior flash photos can produce a pleasing and realistic looking images. Each of the following final images comprise a daylight photo and six-eight individual flash-lit room photos blended together, along with other adjustments.
Why make an additional and costly second visit to the property, when it can all be done on the one visit?
Note: This is more easily done on an overcast day, but often provides a more pleasing image that normal day lit shots.

Real Estate Samples – February 2018

Some more Real Estate photography from this week. Cairns’ rainy weather is always challenging.

External photos can consist of up to 12 individual images, including flash pops in every room and then merging the lot.

Large rooms often need multiple exposures for later blending.

New Real Estate Samples

New work this week, including elevated shots from my 7.5 metre tall tripod.

Properties for sale through Cairns Property Office Redlynch.

All interior images are multiple flash and ambient light blends.



Cairns Regional Council and Works For Queensland parks photography

Imagination Photography won the tender in late 2017 to photograph parks and reserves for Cairns Regional Council. They required at least three images of the facilities available in each park. Such things at swings, slides, other play equipment, exercise equipment, skate bowls, BMX tracks, seats, walking trails, and a lot more needed to be shown for use in a new searchable app that the council is developing.

Some parks were typical suburban parks with play equipment, some were massive expanses of open space, some were small, and some had extensive walking trails. Many had the photographic challenge of showing the facilities, but also trying to exclude distracting elements. The Red, Blue, Green and new Yellow Arrow walking tracks and the Earl Hill Trinity Beach track were also great physical challenges.

Although not every park in the Cairns Regional Council area was on the list, 309 were – from Ellis Beach to Babinda. That entailed a lot of driving and a lot of time. Additional challenges were the dryness of many parks, as the wet season hadn’t arrived, plus the lack of people undertaking activities in many of the parks. The Council had asked to show people engaged in activities, where possible.

No sooner had i completed this work, when they also needed images for seven projects undertaken with Works For Queensland funding.

All up, I had delivered 1167 images to the Council by late December 2017.

A few samples are shown below.

Real Estate Photography – Home for Auction at Redlynch

Real Estate Photography – Home for Auction at Redlynch, Qld.

Following are sample images form a recent Real Estate photography shoot at Redlynch, Qld.

The stunning outdoor living area provided more opportunities for my standard flash/ambient photo blending technique.

Thank you to Vowles Real Estate, Smithfield.

Real Estate Photography – Pole Home for sale at Clifton Beach, Qld.

Real Estate Photography – Pole Home for sale at Clifton Beach, Qld.
Following are sample images form a recent Real Estate photography shoot at Clifton Beach, Qld.
Again, plenty of opportunities to use my standard flash/ambient photo blending technique throughout this home. The timber ceilings are always a challenge for bounce flash, causing a warm orange cast on everything. I now have a portable bounce screen for use with my flash to give clean, white bounce light. The results speak for themselves.
Thank you to Gunther Fröhlich from Raine and Horne Palm Cove.