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Corporate Videos





Corporate Videos

We can customise a video to suit your company. Whether you have an idea or need us to create a video for you from scratch. We can shoot anything from Vendor videos, Property Management, Recruitment, Personnel Profiles, Office Profiles, Land Estates, Production and Servicing, Client interaction in Gyms, Personal training, etc, etc. Whatever you do in your business, we can show it.

Let us help you grow your brand by producing a beautifully crafted video.

We will listen to your ideas and come up with a (possibly) Oscar winning video..…….. well, at the very least worthy of a silver Logie.

We can also incorporate aerial imagery into the video.  The drone can even be flown inside buildings, or transition from inside to outside. 

Visitors to your website now expect to be able to meet you by watching a brief video about you, your company and/or your products and services. People do business with real people and companies using video achieve a huge advantage over their competitors for the following reasons:

  • 1 Minute of Video is worth 1.8million words!
  • Video dramatically increases the “Know, Like and Trust” factors, which are fundamental requirements to doing business with you
  • Visitors to websites with video will stay, on average, for 6 x the amount of time reviewing your product and services, compared to text only sites.

We focus on delivering a clear, effective message to your audience which succinctly educates them of your product or service and draws them to do business with you. Your corporate message is of paramount importance to your brand.

Showcase you business, products and services with a walk-through video, or with standard video and panning modes.

Give your customers a greater understanding of what you do, and how you do it.

Sample video clips

Would you like to know more?

“I have been using Imagination Photography since 2012 for all of my photography for my fitness studio Total Fitness Management. The photos and videos Tony has taken are used for both print, web design and social media. It is extremely beneficial having high quality images and videos so they can be used across all of our platforms. Not only has Tony provided excellent quality every time, but we have learnt much from his experience in the industry and would highly recommend Imagination Photography for any photo or video job.”
Richard Littlefield

Business Owner, Total Fitness Management Cairns