Before your portrait photo session

Everyone has lots of questions, and some they haven’t thought about yet.  This may be your first professional portrait, your first portrait with Imagination Photography, or as many of our clients do, you’re coming back again as your lives change.

Each and every photo session is unique!  We invite you to talk to us about what you have in mind to capture your lives, find out what is possible … and so much is!  We will, with you, design a wonderful and unique photographic session.

Viewing & ordering your images

At the completion of the photographic session, it is our job to edit, enhance, and simply make you look stunning.

Although hundreds of photographs may be take (or even thousands at some weddings), the number selected will be edited down to show you the absolute gems.  After all, you only want the best, and having seventeen versions of the same basic image doesn’t really matter.

You will be emailed proofs of selected images within 3-5 working days (10-15 working days for weddings).  From your selection, final enhancements will be done.

You may opt for digital, print-ready images, or we can arrange from a selection of frame-ready prints, canvases, and contemporary products, albums and photo books.