What I Use





So, what equipment do I use, and why?

I’ve used Nikon cameras and lenses for over 30 years. Back in the day, it was certainly the brand that professionals used. Each brand had it’s own unique lens mount – one brand of lenses would not fit another brand of camera. Once you got a few lenses, it became a very costly exercise to change brands, just because Brand X offered this advantage over Brand Y. Chances were that Brand Y would offer it, and more, on the next model anyway. And so it continues into the digital age.

My Nikons cameras use full-frame sensors for superior quality and resolve 36 megapixels. That’s far more that most people will ever need. But to utilise those 36 megapixels, the lenses in front must be up to the task. They must be the best on the market, otherwise it’s just wasting all those beautiful megapixels. Those images can readily be turned into full sized posters with excellent quality. Try that with your camera phone! It may look okay, but compare it what a professional quality camera and lens can do, and the difference is obvious. Yes, it can get technical, but why not offer the best?

Now, there certainly are new compact cameras and smartphones coming onto the market that are offering more and more megapixels, but not all megapixels are created equal. The larger the individual photosite (effectively the pixel) on the image sensor, the better the quality and the more accurately it will record the light. Combine this with a high quality lens, and the detail is unsurpassed. The average lens on a small sensor simply isn’t up to the task. It’s like putting retreads on a Ferrari – every part of the system must be up to the task. Every accessory that I have is also the best available. Just like a tradesman will use professional quality tools rather than cheap chain store ones, I use the best, as they provide exceptional quality, usability and reliability, as well as being fully customisable to any task.

For my Real Estate photography, I am what is called a compositing photographer – all my interior real estate photographs are composited flash/ambient blends to show accurate colour and lighting texture – the way that I always do it. I don’t deliver outdated looking HDR (High Dynamic Range) images that have been ground up and spat out by computer software. Nor do I take basic flash photos with ceiling fan shadows on the ceilings. You know the type. I use professional quality cameras, lenses and lighting equipment to give exquisite images.

Similar to the “good old days” when there existed products made by actual human hands, I craft each delivered image in much the same way, using several images taken at varying exposure and supplemented with flash lighting. The results are delivered images that are professionally lit and fine-tuned to a point where they would not look out of place in even the finest interior design magazines. Shadows are realistic, textures are seen as they are meant to be, interiors and exteriors are correctly exposed, and colours are accurate and vibrant.

Click HERE to see what equipment I use for my Real Estate photography

Can you take great photos with more basic equipment? Of course you can. But can you also provide consistency, back-ups just in case, quick responsiveness to rapidly changing situations, complete and total knowledge of what the camera can do and how to get the best out of it, and the ability to work in adverse conditions? That’s where the quality equipment and the experience of the photographer comes in.

And that’s why the quote on my home page is so meaningful:

vision without technique is unrealized potential…

technique without vision leads to properly exposed rubbish.